Hindu wedding London

I always worked as main photographer back Poland. And I never used an assistant or second photographer myself. But I always wanted to shoot a wedding from a second photographer perspective. I was very happy when Adam Szczepanski asked me to help him out to take pictures at Manga and Thars big Hindu wedding. An offer I couldn’t refuse. Adam is experienced photographer so I knew that our cooperation will be great and I had opportunity to see how Hindu Wedding looks like. Manga and Thars wedding was really great! Manga looked very stunning in her outfits and she had a smile on her face all the time! Thars also looked very good and felt very comfortable in front of cameras. I think he could be a good actor.

Hindu wedding photographer

My plan was not to shoot in a documentary style and avoid ” must have ” shots. I wanted focus on more personal artistic shots since I acted as a second photographer. But after a while I realized how many interesting things were happening around me, things I have never seen before, then I forgot about my plan very quickly and I started to document what was in front of my camera, although still with a bit of artistic touch. The wedding was over two days – Friday and Saturday. First day was a Hindu ceremony, and the second one was a civil ceremony and reception. During these two days I accompanied Thars while Adam was with Manga. During the first day I witnessed Milk ceremony, something I have never seen or heard of before, below you will see few examples. After the ceremonies at home we went to the massive and beautiful venue; Sattavis Patidar Centre where a Hindu ceremony took place! Below you will see the photos from the first day. Feel free comment and share the photos if you like them. The information when the photos of the second day will be posted can be found on my on facebook fanpage.